Parent Testimonials

Jiada is beyond excited for another year of dance at Dance Dimensions by Michelle!!! She said yesterday... “I can’t wait for Thursday Friday and Saturday!” (The days she dances!) If your child is interested in a fun, family-friendly studio that focuses on fundamentals and encouragement in expressing themselves via dance this is the place for them! We’ve been with Ms. Michelle Farinella going on 8 years and the studio is family! My girls love it there! If you have a little one, my Laila Qarmout helps teach the pre-schoolers Saturday mornings! She’s gone from being one of those “littles” to teaching them! They have fun and there are lots of giggles while they learn the basics of dance…they don’t even know they are learning! Such a great environment! We highly recommend Dance Dimensions by Michelle! —– Jennifer Fox

Dance Dimensions has been a great place for all our kids. They provide a warm caring environment from the serious dancer to the child needing a positive recreational activity.  —– James Landry

Every skill you have given to my daughter, from movements, theatrical expression and most importantly, confidence, rising  to the occasion and being a team player, all came through last night at our spring show. Heather was in a dance trio and the twins she was dancing with couldn’t make it, which happened 30 minutes before the show started. Heather had to perform solo, incorporating all the moves and gestures the other two had to coincide with the song. She was nervous, but pulled it off! Thank you and be proud of what you do. —– Wendy Maxwell

My daughter has been dancing at Dance Dimensions by Michelle for 7 years. This September she began her 8th year of dance with Dance Dimensions, and her second year of competition. We are looking forward to another fabulous year with new classes and new experiences. Miss Michelle always has something new and exciting for our dancers each year, and that’s what keeps them motivated and loyal to her studio. Most importantly, Dance Dimensions by Michelle provides a safe, nurturing environment for dancers to express themselves, and at the same time learn the benefits and importance of being part of a team – all under the watchful eye and warm demeanor of Miss Michelle Farinella. The staff of Dance Dimensions by Michelle provide excellent, innovative instruction in all forms of dance. This is an excellent studio for any child to begin his or her dance experience, or for any young dancer wishing to be part of a truly spectacular dance team. We are proud to be part of the Dance Dimensions by Michelle family. —– Francesca Cassano

Dance Dimensions by Michelle has been a very positive experience for our daughter who has been part of the studio for the past eight years. She loves the participation and interaction with the other girls as well as the many trips, showcases, competitions, workshops, master classes and recitals that she attends with her peers as well as the older and younger girls in the dance troupe. “Miss” Michelle and her staff have created a wonderful and harmonious environment for our daughter, and all the children that attend her studio, and we would highly recommend Dance Dimensions for any young girl looking for a positive experience with wonderful, caring people. —–Paul Maxwell

My daughter was introduced to dance when she started at Dance Dimensions at age 3. Initially, she enjoyed the weekly time to move her body and wear her dance outfits…
Now, 5 years later, she has a sense of accomplishment in how much she has learned and progressed. She continues to enjoy herself and is starting to appreciate dance on a new level. I have found that Dance Dimensions allows their dancers to enjoy the process of learning, to participate in a way that boosts confidence, and encourages all to value their unique abilities.
As a parent, I appreciate that my daughter has always felt encouraged and comfortable at the studio. However long she decides to dance, I know her time there has been a positive experience both physically and emotionally. —– Tracy Layman

Dance Dimensions by Michelle has been my daughter’s “happy place” since she was two. Dance Dimensions by Michelle is a dance studio with a heart, and exposes students to many genres of dance and performing. All in all, it’s a great place for a child’s dance dreams to be realized. —– Nancy Scanlan

I started my “dance mom” journey having no idea what to expect. At the time, my 3 year old little ballerina just wanted to dance and we tried to make that happen. After taking trial dance classes at two other dance schools who showed us the door and told us “She can’t. She’s just not ready”, a simple flyer in my daughter’s pre-school cubby showed us to the place that confidently told her “You CAN. You are more than ready and we are here to help you every step of the way”. Thank you, Miss Michelle for keeping the dreams of our now 5 year old ballerina alive! —– Jessica Brennan

I wanted to commend you and your staff on putting together another phenomenal recital! We thoroughly enjoyed watching all of the performances and your love and dedication to all of the girls (and boys) really shows. Payton was really excited about not only dancing but also having a role in the performance and I just wanted to thank you for picking her. I hope you have another great performance this afternoon! —– Danielle Iadarola

My daughter has spent so much time at the studio and over the years has grown into a beautiful, graceful, and elegant young lady. Michelle is wonderful with all the students and gives all the students her beautiful smile and patient guidance. All the teachers and helpers are courteous and friendly. Thank you for your efforts! —–Diana Pizzulli

Emily has been going to “Dance Dimensions” for 7 years now, I love the warm family feel of the whole place, and Miss Michelle is a very dedicated teacher who cares about each of her students. Emily is very happy and looks forward to her classes every week, Miss Michelle offers a lot of motivation and encouragement; I’m extremely pleased with my decision to choose “Dance Dimensions”. We couldn’t be happier with Emily’s progress there are no words to express our thanks for all you do to make Emily feel special and also thanks for organizing an amazing and wonderful recital every year, you guys are GREAT! —– Florbela Mendes